The DA remains committed to forming a new coalition government in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Issued by Cllr Retief Odendaal – DA NMB Mayoral Candidate
07 Sep 2022 in Press Statements

Today, 7 September 2022, at a special sitting of the Nelson Mandela Bay council, the ANC only managed to cling to power by making use of a frivolous court action.

We are still pulling out all the stops in a bid to unite all opposition parties to oust the ANC from power.

The ANC will try every trick in the book to keep milking the city’s coffers dry – looting and corrupting as they go along.

Our city is dirty, our streets are littered with potholes and streetlights are not working. Services are not being delivered and our residents suffer due to sewage running through and around their houses and places of business. We are in the grips of an extended drought and Day Zero is a very real possibility, but clean potable water is running in the streets due to the administration’s inability to fix leaks.

The DA and our coalition partners will make good governance, sound financial management and service delivery our top priorities should we gain control of the Metro.

We will not be swayed from our mission to get Nelson Mandela Bay working again.