DA growth in Enoch Mgijima by-election a sign of things to come

Issued by Nqaba Bhanga – EC Provincial Leader
25 Oct 2019 in Press Statements

The Democratic Alliance (DA) yesterday highlighted that it is a party for all South Africans by showing huge growth in the Enoch Mgijima Municipality Ward 34 (Hofmeyr) by-election.

The DA’s candidate, Mawethu Bango, put up a valiant fight and the party grew its support from 33,08% in the 2019 National and Provincial Elections to 47,71% in this by-election.

We are delighted with the result in this ANC ward and it is a testament that the people of the province have had enough of the uncaring, ineffective and corrupt ANC style of governance.

This result indicates that the DA is growing in rural Eastern Cape and underlines the fact that the people of the province are placing their trust in the DA.

Our growth in this ward and the ANC’s significant drop in support, from 62,07% in 2019 to 52,28%, highlights that the people are embracing the DA’s agenda for change and realise that only the DA can change their lives for the better.

In DA-led municipalities, service delivery, orderly and safe communities and greater access to opportunities, are prioritized and the rights of citizens are protected at all costs.

It is time for clean governance in Enoch Mgijima that provides basic services to all residents.

This result proves that the ANC’s days are numbered in the Enoch Mgijima Municipality.

I thank each and every person who came out yesterday to endorse the change that the DA is bringing to the Eastern Cape.

Only the DA can provide a brighter future and build One South Africa for All.