Registration Weekend success can ensure a DA majority in NMB

19 Sep 2021 in Press Statements

Note to Editors: Please find attached a soundbite in English by Andrew Whitfield, MP

The Democratic Alliance (DA) would like to thank the thousands of DA supporters from across Nelson Mandela Bay who have come out this weekend to reregister or to check their registration status at their voting stations.

These residents have empowered themselves to vote for a DA majority government in the Local Government Elections on 1 November 2021.

Today, 19 September 2021, I was joined by DA EC Deputy Provincial Leader and PE Southwest Constituency Leader, Bobby Stevenson, MPL, on a visit to the Walmer Town Hall voting station in Port Elizabeth. (See pictures here and here).

Today is the final day of the registration weekend and voting stations are open until 17:00. We urge residents who are unsure of their registration status, to get to voting stations and to make sure, because this registration weekend is where the battle for Nelson Mandela Bay will be won.

The DA is incredibly pleased with the efforts of our teams on the ground to get out the voters and to make sure that they are registered so that we can prepare for a triumph on election day.

Nelson Mandela Bay deserves a DA majority government so that we can have five uninterrupted years of DA good governance and service delivery.

In 2016 the DA lost out on a majority by just 12 500 votes. This registration weekend we can make up that difference and get across the line with a majority.

Your vote can make a lasting difference and ensure a stable and prosperous NMB where services are delivered, corruption is rooted out and the economy grows and jobs are created.

The DA needs 50% plus 1 in council to ensure a majority government in NMB. Will you be the one?

Together we can get things done and take Nelson Mandela Bay forward again!