New BCM mayor has 100 days to deliver on promises or face motion of no confidence

Issued by Cllr Sue Bentley – DA BCM Caucus Leader
26 Mar 2023 in Press Statements

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is giving the newly elected ANC mayor of the Buffalo City Municipality, Princess Faku, 100 days to deliver on her promises or face a motion of no confidence (MONC).

Buffalo City residents are exploited with some of the country’s highest rates, taxes, and electricity prices. It is about time the municipality started upholding its side.

The people of Buffalo City are tired of empty promises, they need a municipality that delivers the services they are entitled to.

Mayor Faku has identified and raised many service delivery failures as part of her acceptance speech.

These include:

  • Resolving billing issues.
  • Improving revenue collection, specifically from government departments.
  • Renewal of bulk infrastructure, specifically water, electricity, and roads.
  • Acting against illegal land invasions and illegal electricity connections.
  • Clearing illegal dumpsites and ensuring a cleaner Metro.
  • Ensuring uninterrupted delivery of services to both households and industry.
  • Focusing on the needs of youth, women and those living with disabilities.
  • Holding officials accountable in their role in delivering services.

These issues must be addressed with urgency. The DA therefore gives Mayor Faku 100 Days to show that she means business and can improve service delivery.

We will monitor whether these issues are adequately rectified or whether at the very least, progress is being made.

If she fails to prove that she has a handle on these issues and that she can turn the situation around, the DA will table a motion of no confidence in her.

The reality is, that it does not matter who the mayor of BCM is, unless the issue of cadre deployment is addressed and capable individuals are appointed in key positions, service delivery issues will not be resolved.

The DA expects the mayor to appoint the most competent and best suited mayoral committee members and will call out clear cadre appointments.

The ANC’s track record of keeping promises and actually delivering services leaves a lot to be desired. We are cautious to believe that, yet another ANC deployed mayor will act any different.

The DA will fight for the residents of Buffalo City and will hold this new mayor to account