A stable Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is key to creating jobs

03 May 2022 in Press Statements

On Tuesday, 2 May 2022, in celebration of South African Worker’s Day, the DA made use of this public holiday to interact with informal business owners in Nelson Mandela Bay.

I was joined by local DA councillors in visiting informal business people plying their trade in the immediate area surrounding Njoli Square in KwaZakhele, Port Elizabeth.

We interacted with residents selling cooked food, fresh produce, sweets and cool drinks, and clothing. (see pictures here, here and here)

All told us of the hardships they endure to just keep their business afloat without any support from the ANC-led government in the Metro.

The Eastern Cape has the worst unemployment rate in the country and Nelson Mandela Bay is especially hard hit.

The most recent labour force statistics by Statistics South Africa have revealed that the province’s expanded unemployment rate stands at a staggering 53%.

The vast majority of our people are unemployed, depend on grants and due to the failing economy struggle to even put food on the table.

More concerning is that more than half of the youth in South Africa are suffering due to rampant unemployment.

If the Eastern Cape and Nelson Mandela Bay is to break free of this unemployment crisis the government needs to create an environment for businesses to stay, invest, thrive and create jobs.

We have all seen that the ANC-led government in Nelson Mandela Bay finds it impossible to create this environment.

In Nelson Mandela Bay a stable council and municipality is key to creating jobs

If instability in the ANC-led coalition government persists we will see increased job losses

Where the DA governs we have a proven track record of job creation through good clean governance and the delivery of basic services – all of which result in businesses remaining in the City, while also attracting new investment.

In Nelson Mandela Bay the DA is committed to a clear plan to bringing stability back to the Metro.